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"What our Blog is About?"

Updated: Jun 28

Welcome to Forum Arts Blog!

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Art, the expression of the soul.

Art in any form of expression when inserted into our lives can bring back memories, experience unknown feelings, cheer us up after a bad day, inspire us or bring us comfort and hope. Art is a human phenomenon that was created from human sensory expression and what our Blog is about.

we are all equal in art
we are all equal in art

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As art is a form of communication that was born at the beginning of human creation, it often lacks objective messages, sometimes becoming susceptible to the emotional side, thus using the subjective side of the message.

Writing is also an art form where the written word can take people on adventures that would be impossible in their daily lives.

We blog, we create.

Closing Message "what our Blog is about".

Art emerges as a sensitive channel of communication, allowing integration and building an infusion between cultures, as well as a high power of sensorial expression.

Forum Arts will communicate through art, we will present material in different areas of art: music, fashion, dance, interior design, digital design, and much more.

Be in touch.

By Sissi Abreu 01/26/2023

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