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"Trend or Not Trend, that is the question"

Updated: Jun 28

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The last trend is usually created based on the development of general opinion, and the change of a situation, or the way people behave and think at that moment.

A trend is usually the direction of a market that is focused on manipulating the public to squeeze its style into a moment that also deserves to be likened to a "box mentality" where price will follow suit. In technical analysis, trends are identified by trend lines or price action that highlight when the price is making higher highs and lower lows for an uptrend, or higher lows and higher highs for a downtrend.

Now that we are more globally connected, the same trends can be seen in many international markets, facilitating image growth and financial gain in fashion, furniture, and art companies.

Your First Impressions

What is a strong first impression as a result of the image?

If people's the first impression of you is that you are friendly, competent, and trustworthy, they are more likely to feel comfortable around you.

It is also possible that they are impressed if you are using the latest trend, but it will be more impactful if you are using something that accentuates your essence, so I believe the best tendency for a first impression would be you.

Pros and Cons

Negative impact:

The downside of fast trends is associated with waste as the enactment of a "throw-away" mentality.

Fashion production is responsible for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, plus another 85% of all textiles go to waste each year.

Fast trends can imply an image of unoriginal people and demonstrate a lack of decision-making that is alien to the majority.

Fast trends tend to be iffy for the more art, fashion, and design-savvy audience.

Positive impact:

In the shift to healthier thinking for trends, where the focus is on creating a healthier environment while maintaining a competitive market,

I believe will inspire the next generation of designers and other professionals at the time to work hard and create new designs that are creative and respect the future. planet and its inhabitants.

Another positive side is to create new opportunities for many fashion, designers, and artists students as well as an increase in employment in the area.

The trend can increase confidence and improve the lives of many people.

The Final Score

From oversized shirts with balloon silhouettes, halter dresses, or maybe French country decor, which trends will keep volume all year round?

Those responsible for deciding what a trend is are called trend forecasters and are divided into two specific types: “microtrends” and “macrotrends”. Microtrends are items that go in and out of style quickly what we call season to season.

Think of macro-trends as “styles of the decade”. For example, bell-bottom jeans would have been considered a decade-long macrotrend. Remember that macro trends don't necessarily have to be a specific style of clothing or decor, or that wall art can be everything.

There's no denying that celebrities have an impact on fashion trends that can inspire next season's must-have looks.

But the only celebrity that counts is you, your trend is unique and varies from everything else because you put your essence.

Of course, we can't forget to use good taste, but this can be learned simply by having a high level of observation and studying the new and past trends and assimilating it to your style.

Please leave your comment and share your experience, if you wish, so that we can know your opinion about the trends.

By Sissi Abreu 02/17/2022

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